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Most people understand the importance of a professional home inspection when buying a home, but few stop to think that they should also have their home periodically inspected as they live in it. We have our cars and automobiles inspected by our mechanic but our homes often cost 10-20 times more and are often the largest investment we make.

Your Home, Our Care: Keeping Spaces Happy and Healthy

Home maintenance is the ongoing effort to preserve and ensure the proper functioning of your property. It involves regular tasks like cleaning, repairs, and inspections to prevent issues and maintain a safe and comfortable living environment.

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Preserving Your Home, One Task at a Time

Recommendations for a periodic checkup vary depending on type of construction and climate. Homes with crawl space foundations in wetter climates should be inspected at least annually to check for rot, mold or water infiltration. Most professionals recommend a home inspection every five years with 10 years as absolutely essential. Heat, wind, torrential rains, earthquakes, ice and snow can all cause damage that may not be readily visible. Also root growth and pest invasion can easily go unnoticed.

In our inspections, we have seen evidence of snakes, bats, birds, raccoons, bees, mice and rats in attics and basements. It can be very expensive to repair the damage these critters create.

A professional home inspection will deliver a list of items that require immediate repair, provide maintenance reminders and share safety related issues that may need attention.

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