March 15, 2016

Home Inspection Services Aren’t Just For Home Buyers

Every house has its own unique qualities and drawbacks – none of which is limited to just new homes or homes on the market for sale. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is having a home inspection service come out when they are purchasing a house, but then never again. That forever home can last forever, but it’s good to know when something needs attention.

Home Inspection Services ashburn, radon testing ashburn, radon testing leesburg, radon testing loudoun countyHome inspectors are great at finding maintenance issues. The length of time between inspections varies based on the construction of the home, but most professionals recommend having an inspection every 5 years. If you have a home with a crawlspace, annual inspections are suggested to check for rot – especially in wet climates.

There are plenty of common issues that home inspection services see all the time, but then there are things that no one wants to see… EVER. It’s those surprises, however, that keep an inspector on his toes. Of course, those same surprises make inspectors well worth the cost.

Here are some real-life examples:

  • The home inspection service goes onto the roof and sees a chimney that… well, you’ve just got to see to believe. Home Inspection Nightmares!
  • The homeowner sees a lot of bees around, but can’t figure out where they are coming from. Here’s a hint: check the chimney!
  • Speaking of roofs, most homeowners hardly ever check theirs out. Lots of interesting things are up there. Lots of interesting… fire hazards.
  • Attics are another place some homeowners never visit. If you hear things up there, you may want to get it checked out.  What’s in your attic?
  • The inspector finds a leak around the toilet. Toilet gets removed, and they find something literally eating its way through the subfloor…

Obviously, there are all sorts of crazy things that a home inspection service can find inside a home. Living in your home doesn’t make you an expert on everything going on inside of it. Homes are complex creatures, full of wires and pipes and moving parts – all of which are exposed to the elements AND your family. Something is bound to go wrong.

Call in for a home inspection service periodically to keep your house safe. Home inspectors are there to find the major problems that you can miss living in your house every day. Consider it an investment towards your “forever.”

Checkmark Home Inspection Services strives to provide the most thorough and comprehensive home inspection, including radon testing in the marketplace. Our inspections are informative and educational and are complete with maintenance tips and suggestions that lead to many years of enjoyment in your home. If you are buying, selling, building a home or simply need a home checkup or radon test, give us a call. Our home inspectors will perform a quality evaluation at an affordable price. Checkmark is a proud member in good standing of ASHI and InterNACHI.

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