What We Inspect

We strive to provide the most thorough and comprehensive home inspection in the marketplace. Our home inspections are informative and educational and are complete with home maintenance tips and suggestions.  What We Inspect is the following:

Structural Evaluation– 
Construction of walls, ceilings, floors, roof, basement, crawlspace, and foundation.

Exterior Evaluation-
Wall covering, elevation, drainage, driveway, sidewalks, fascia, trim, doors, windows, lights, and exterior receptacles.

Roof and Attic Evaluation-
Framing, ventilation, type of roof construction, flashing, and gutters.

Plumbing Evaluation-
Drain pipes, waste pipes, vent pipes, toilets, showers, sinks, faucets, and traps.

Systems Evaluation-
Water heaters, furnaces, air conditioning, duct work, chimney, fireplace, and sprinklers.

Electrical Evaluation-Main panel, circuit breakers, wiring, grounding, exhaust fans, receptacles, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

Appliances Evaluation-
Dishwasher, range, oven, built-in microwaves, garbage disposal, and smoke detectors.

Garage Evaluation-
Slab, walls, ceiling, vents, entry, firewall, garage door, openers, lights, receptacles, exterior, windows, and roof.


Home Inspection ServicesIf you are buying, selling, building a home or simply need a home checkup, contact Checkmark for all your home inspection services.